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NEW! We've launched the second version of CPR's "HGH Tracker" with a new array of features including better reporting, export capabilities and much more. Read about the new features and the software here or you can download the HGH Tracker Software. You can also learn how to use the software by watching the quick video below.

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October 31st, 2011
Happy Halloween friends! We would like to let everyone know that we're expecting to remove Rejuvenate rom our recommendations. We've received a few negative comments lately and are following up with the manufacturer to see what's going on. Please stay tuned.. This reiterates our #1 hgh supplement recommendation of Gen50.

September 21st, 2011
We're excited to announce that our hgh review software has been successfully accepted into download.com's software database. This is a huge testament to the quality and usability of the software. For those of you who have not downloaded - please do so. The data provides us with ammo to accurately report the effectiveness of the hgh supplements we're reviewing and provide recommendations.

September 9th, 2011
Thanks for the emails regarding concerns about seeing results. We had two emails this past week that hadn't seen an improvement in any of the typical hgh supplement categories. Grace - which product were you using? We can apply your feedback to our reviews and ratings. We have less than a 2% negative feedback on the products we review and recommend. Perhaps you fall within the 2% of those people. Melissa, I believe you have not given the product enough time. You stated taking things for only a few weeks. Our data shows it usually takes several months. Also, with 9/11's 10 year anniversary coming up - thank you to the our military for keeping America safe and our prayers go out to all those who lost someone on that horrible day. I couldn't believe it when my niece said she did not know what 9/11 was!! We MUST NEVER FORGET!! God bless!

August 10th, 2011
We found the HGH Advanced to have insufficient data to support a recommendation. We're not disputing the products effectiveness or reputation, we just simply couldn't gather enough information. We'll keep at it and let everyone know if there's an update. If you haven't checked out MB's (Michael Bradley.. MB as he's known to us locally) blog, you should definitely do so. Also, don't hesitate to send us questions related to human growth hormone, working out, health, fitness or supplements in general. If MB deems the topic worthy, he'll respond to and give you credit.

May 26th, 2011
Our blog has officially launched... we'll be talking about everything from HGH, health, fitness, politics etc. Come back often.

June 8th, 2011
We had a recent request for a new "hyped" HGH product call ed "HGH Advanced". This is a new one for us.. Has anyone had any experience with it? We'll put it on our list of new products to test out in Q3 but honestly, it doens't look promising. We've also recieved an "editor's pick" for the HGH Tracker from D4A. Great job and kudos to our programmers for putting our such a great piece of software.

May 26th, 2011
Our blog has officially launched... we'll be talking about everything from HGH, health, fitness, politics etc. Come back often.

May 10th, 2011
We've updated the download link here and the software has been updated with all the new features. Please provide feedback to our team.
HGH Tracker 2.0 is here! We'll be uploading the new software within the next week. As requested we've added better reporting features, the ability to track more variables, improved the interface, fixed all the reported bugs and much more. Thanks again for the feedback! Everyone that is using the original version will still be able to track results and will also be included in the data that is utilized for our recommendations (not required). Thanks to the tech folks on the CPR team for putting in the extra hours and making HGH Supplements Tracker 2.0 possible!

April 19th, 2011
We've got some updates and results from reviews and rankings for the Woodstock Wellness HGH Supplements along with our reigning champs, Gen520 and Sytropin. First up, Woodstock Wellness - over the past 90 days we received 73 reviews and an overall score of 3.9. Of the reviews, 61 were positive and 12 were neutral and/or negative. The reviews showed overall positive results, but had several complaints on customer services and response. Gen520 was again the highest ranked with an overall score of 4.9. We received 216 responses with only 9 complaints. The biggest issue seemed to be the usability of their website and checkout issues. Lastly, Sytropin also received a very high score: 4.8. Their hgh product would have taken first place except we only received 90 reviews. The low number of reviews put pressure on us not giving a first place rating. Of the 90, only 3 were negative and suggested the product does not work effectively for losing weight. This data was inconclusive, but we're obligated to report the findings anyway. We'll be replacing the Woodstock Wellness supplement with Rejuvenate. Also, we're still compiling data on AgeForce and to date have recieved 53 responses with no data coming from the HGH Tracker. If anyone has experience with this product, we're actively seeking additional input. Please email or contact us.

March 16th, 2011
Our apologies for anyone who noticed the broken pages and links over the past few days. We've been upgrading our servers and backend systems to add the upcoming fitness and wellness blog and ran into some technical problems along the way. Many thanks for the flood of emails we got from our visitors. Without you, we might have not caught the errors.

March 13th, 2011
Thanks again to everyone who provided feedback on Woodstock Wellness's human grown hormone supplements. We've compiled almost 6 months of data and over 150 emails. All in all, we'eve seen tremendously positive feedback. We'll be featuring their product near the top of our recommendation list in the coming weeks. In the meantime, you can learn more about their products here: Woodstock HGH

February 17th, 2011
We've recieved another award for our hgh tracker! This time it was given by File Parade and was named amongst the simplest software's to use along with their "Tested Clean Award". We're excited to be recieving so much recognition and we've also seen a tremendous response from our users! The software and the feedback from friends like you allows CPR to provide unchallenged and unbiased reviews of the top human growth hormone supplements on the market. We're also excited to announe the upcoming launch of our health and wellness blog which will be hosted by CPR's own Michael Bradley. Mike will provide tips and overall feedback regarding health, fitnees, building muscle and numerous other topics. Stay tuned...

February 1st, 2011
Great news! We'll be launching a new version on the human growth hormone supplement (hgh) tracker very soon. We've also secured multiple volunteers to help provide feedback on the Ageforce product. The volunteers will use the hgh tracker to provide feedback on the effectiveness of AgeForce's supplements.

January 15th, 2011
We recently had a request to review AgeForce Human Growth Hormone Supplement and interested in getting any feedback from our audience. We'll add AgeForce to our list of product reviews for the upcoming month and let the readers know our thoughts. Thanks to the folks at AgeForce for your request and we look forward to reviewing the product. Also, our HGH Tracker was recently given another software award by Download Atlas. We were awarded the Editor's Choice which represents the quality of the product (which is free BTW). Lastly, we'll be providing an update to the hgh tracker in the coming weeks - stay tuned!

November 3rd, 2010
We hope everyone had a great Halloween! One of our members brought to our attention a study recently done by Dr. Ronald Willis from Growth Hormones Direct regarding the side effects of hgh supplements. Dr. Willis found the negative side effects to be nil at best. Unlike hgh injections which can have serious side effects, supplements create little negative impact and has seen amazing results, especially when coupled with a nutritious diet. Keep the input coming - we love to hear back from our friends. As always, drop us a line at info@consumerproductsreview.org. We also read an interesting article that addressed human growth hormone supplements and how they can effect your libido - read about it here

October 25th, 2010
We've been receiving emails regarding a new hgh product and company, Woodstock Wellness and their Woodstock HGH product. We'll be taking a look at this new supplement over the next few weeks and we're asking any of our friends and members to provide feedback if with you're experience using or working with WoodStock Wellness. As always, please send us an email to info@consumerproductsreview.org.

October 20th, 2010
Great news! Download 25, a popular software review site has given HGH Tracker 5 our of 5 stars and made its top software list. We've also hit the 500 download mark and have over 100 members and friends actively contributing their results and statistics. The HGH Tracker is free for anyone to use, but we encourage sharing the information in an effort to help us recognize which hgh supplements are working the best.

October 11th, 2010
The CPR team has so far seen a pretty solid response for downloads of the new HGH Tracker, which is very exciting. We're encouraging our members and friends to provide us with feedback and data from the hgh tracker so we can then incorporate the results into our hgh reviews and product ratings. This data will provide us with quantitative information and in turn, allow us to provide more accurate input and reviews.

Types of HGH Supplements

So, you have decided to opt for HGH supplementation for either anti aging uses or muscle boosting and now you are confused. Because, there are various types of HGH supplements out there.

There are pills, injections, sprays and sub-q. Now which of these work faster and better?

Here’s the low down on various types of HGH supplements. You can also read some of the most comprehensive hgh reviews provided on this site.

Precursor HGH Supplements: These are available as pills, sprays and releasers that boost the production of HGH in the human body. Precursors are preferred by a lot of people because natural is probably, the best way to obtain HGH. If you are looking for a natural and safe way to boost the body’s production of HGH, then precursors are your best bet.

HGH Injections: At a time when obtaining HGH was as difficult as the judgment of Paris, the only viable and effective form of HGH supplementation was injections. These were and till date remain the most potent form of HGH supplements. But the downside to using HGH injections as a source of natural HGH is that they are very expensive. Quality brands made in the United States can cost you as much as $3000 for a month’s supply. There are other cheaper Chinese brands available in the market though. You need a prescription to obtain an HGH injection in the US.

HGH spray:. These are HGH Releasers which normally contain amino acids that stimulate HGH production. However, recently, some companies have started advertising and selling HGH sprays which contain a modified HGH molecule which can be absorbed successfully through the subcutaneous membrane of the mouth. Results with HGH sprays have been mixed with some people claiming to see amazing results in a few weeks.

Homeopathic HGH: Homeopathic HGH seems to have caught the fancy of many a people. But a recent study reveals that the actual dosage of quality HGH molecules in these homeopathic supplements might be far lesser than what is required to boost muscle.

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