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HGH for Muscle Growth?

HGH for Muscle Growth?

When Sylvester Stallone made a comeback as John Rambo at the age of 62, he had a rock hard physique, abs that he could wash clothes on and the audience couldn’t ask for more.

But Johnny boy didn’t get that much desired body purely by pumping iron and gulping raw eggs like he did a few decades back.

He owed it to Human Growth Hormones, he said. He had been advised HGH replacement therapy after his body had stopped producing this hormone naturally.

Since then, the usage of HGH to boost body building efforts has literally skyrocketed.

The question one needs to ask though is, ‘Can HGH really help with muscle growth?’

Here are some answers.

HGH or GH for short has always been used in bodybuilding. Thanks to its ability to help burn fat, increase lean body mass, shorten recovery time and strengthen joints and ligaments while healing damaged tissue, body builders have found the perfect ally in HGH for muscle growth.

It’s all about effective administration. Yes, GH usage and benefits in bodybuilding is all about using it and not abusing it. With the right administration and the support that one needs, bodybuilders can have up to 15 to 20% gain per cycle.

HGH is not as anabolic as say, Testosterone. If you are considering using HGH for muscle growth and improved strength, then you might be disappointed because HGH causes very little, if any, increase in strength.

Stick to the recommended dosage. It’s very easy to go over 24 IUs (International Units) per day to look for stronger and faster gains. But all that you are gonna get is water weight and bloating caused by that high a dose. Remember, your body size and weight are in no ways connected to the amount of GH you should take. In other words, it means that just because you are 300 pounds, doesn’t mean that you must stack on GH. Stick to the recommended dosage.

Remember, HGH is not a miracle portion that will transform you from David to Goliath. It is a tool which when used correctly can help you realize your body building and muscle growth goals.

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