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10 Facts about HGH Releasers or Secretagogues

HGH Releasers are all over the internet. Yes, it’s true. There are a 100 thousand websites selling them. But what very few people seem to notice is that there are an equal number of other websites that bash these products. A lot of websites have now sprung up offering information and ‘facts’ on how HGH Releasers are nothing but a waste of money. But are they really? If they are, then what is it that propels a multimillion dollar industry ahead? It clearly doesn’t run on marketing and advertising alone. That’s what we are trying to find out today with 10 facts on HGH Releasers and Secretagogues.

1. They do not contain actual HGH: Yes. Most HGH Releaser companies are clear to mention on their label that they do not contain any actual HGH hormone. They only stimulate the pituitary gland (a tiny gland situated in the brain) in the body into producing HGH naturally. So, if your pituitary gland had to be removed due to surgery or was damaged somehow, then HGH Releasers will probably be useless for you.

2. HGH Releasers are cost effective: If you have ever used synthetic HGH injections, then you will know that they come at a premium cost. They cannot be obtained without a prescription in the US. A complete HGH replacement schedule might cost you a few thousand dollars. Releasers on the other hand, do not contain any of the synthetic HGH Hormones which are so difficult to produce and maintain. So, they are a much more cost effective way to generate HGH within your body.

3. Women can also use HGH Releasers: HGH Releasers are not for men alone. Women can also use it to generate HGH naturally within their body. A lot of women over the age of 40 who were looking for improved vitality and energy have experienced excellent results by using HGH Releasers for a consistent period of time.

4. Age no bar: A common theory suggests that the human body produces enough HGH until you reach the age of 40. And hence, HGH supplements are primarily used by the elderly who have lost the energy, muscle mass, vigor and vitality of youth. But, if you are an athlete or a body builder looking for more out of your body, then you can benefit immensely from HGH supplementation. Not only can it help reduce fat, but it can also promote lean muscle mass, increase sexual desire, enhance alertness and help increase energy levels.

5. Plethora of Purchase Options: Unlike HGH injections which require a prescription and a few thousand dollars taking them beyond the reach of ordinary people, HGH Releasers can be bought online (in case you did not notice yet!). There are thousands of quality products that you can select from making you spoilt for choice. There are even more payment options, quick and discreet delivery options, extra bonuses, package deals and much more. And yes, usually, you cannot buy HGH Releasers at pharmacies around the world. The web is the only and the best place to buy it.

6. Plethora of consumption Options: HGH Releasers come in many different forms so that it’s easier to consume them. There are the normal pills and capsules. If you find it difficult to swallow these, then you can always split it open or break it and use, along with your favorite beverage. Other than this, there are soft tabs or sublingual tabs which can be placed under the tongue as it is absorbed directly into the blood stream. Also, there are oral sprays which are the easiest form of using HGH Releasers.

7. Antihistamines and Aspirin to be avoided for 8 hours: Yes, antihistamines or anti allergy drugs which are commonly used to treat allergy symptoms like sneezing, itchy and runny nose, red eyes etc must not be used for at least 8 hours after using HGH Releasers as it is known to interfere with the absorption of the supplement into the blood stream. The same stands true for aspirin.

8. Results may vary: While most clinical trials have shown extremely promising and positive results, the fact remains that HGH Supplements may not work the same way for all the people. Some people experience excellent results whereas others do not see much of a difference in their lifestyles. The reason for this may be due to the herbal and natural composition of HGH Releasers which many people are allergic to. So, ensure that you read the label clearly. Is it a 100% herbal product? Are you allergic to herbal products? Does the company offer a non satisfaction money back guarantee? Many companies do.

9. Take it before bedtime: According to research, sleep is the time when the pituitary gland is most active and hence, the best time for you to take HGH Releasers is just before bed time as it will trigger your pituitary into full throttle.

10. Many reasons to use it: Studies have proven HGH releasers to be extremely effective in promoting anti aging, muscle building, enhancing energy levels, promoting weight loss and for reducing insomnia. Conclusion: There’s clearly more to it than what is being said about HGH Releasers. Most users have noticed some difference in their energy levels and vitality after 4 to 8 weeks of usage which is excellent when you compare it with what 8 weeks of HGH injections would cost you. The fact is that if you expect miracles then you are bound to be disappointed because this is not 100% pure HGH. It is merely a product that asks your body to prepare more HGH for you. And if taken correctly, it does its job efficiently enough for you to take notice.
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