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HGH Supplements Reviews

When my husband started taking HGH supplements I was completely skeptical of them meeting all of the supposed benefits that I’ve read about online. So I let my husband be the test guinea pig for 1 month. In only one month my husband said that he was feeling amazing (as well as looking amazing). He attributed all of his new found energy and weight loss to the HGH supplements. Due to all of his results I started taking the same HGH supplement that he was taking, it’s called Woodstock Wellness HGH I started my HGH regimen on May 17.  Keep in mind I changed nothing else in my daily routine except for including HGH supplements.  By June 17, one month later, I too started seeing multiple benefits my favorite benefit was a more toned body! I lost 4 inches in my waist!!! Also, my skin seemed to have more elasticity and my fine lines had slightly diminished.  I have had so much more energy, usually (2 to 3 times a week) I would need a nap after coming home from work but ever since I started taking HGH supplements I have not needed a nap at all…I love it! I have also noticed a significant improvement in my hair, it s so much fuller and has a lot more shine then before. 

Needless to say, I am a believer now and though I hate to admit it…my husband was right!! HGH supplements do work so I am going to continue to take them and continue to reap the benefits.

--Michelle Kwitkowski age 42


I am a man of few words, so to keep this simple and to the point, these HGH supplements DO work. I have seen a huge increase of lean muscle and have NEVER experienced any side effects. I will absolutely recommend HGH supplements to all of my family and friends.  I’ve been using Gen50 which I purchased after reading review from CPR

--William Green


I am a naïve 21 year old that has tried every alternative to surgery to get bigger breasts.  I have bought all the bras stuffed with gel, water, and air and every wonder bra ever made. I hated each uncomfortable and very expensive one.  I have also experimented with every known breast enhancement supplement on the market and I saw absolutely no positive results from any of them.  So after spending several hundred dollars on all of these useless products I have finally found one that actually increases my breast size a whole cup!!! The best thing is that this pill does not make me gain weight anywhere else (like many others do).  What is this magic pill?  It’s HGH supplements.  This little miracle pill is the best thing that has happened to me!!  I have gained a whole cup size and actually the rest of my body is leaner than before.   Not only does this awesome pill give me bigger boobs but it also makes my hair skin and nails look so much better. So this pill is not only cheaper than all of the other breast enhancement supplements but it also comes with bonus effects with better hair skin and nails as well as achieving my main goal. I have told all of my friends and they are seeing the same amazing effects as me. I just wanted to share this with everyone so that they do not have to go through the very expensive experimenting that I went through.

Sarah G.


I've been taking the Woodstock Wellness HGH Supplement for about 6 months now and have seen some pretty good progress... I'm active at the gym and can work out much longer than I used to be able to.  I think I also look more "cut" but that could just be a side effect of being able to work out longer than before.  Who knows, but either way - I'm impressed with the HGH results.  Great HGH review on this site.  Thanks Consumer Products Review.com

Brad - San Diego CA


I took the Gen50 HGH Supplement for 30 days and didn't see or notice any improvements.. the bottle recommends at least 90 days to see improvements but I couldn't stick the regime..  Just my two cents

S.B. - Dallas TX
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