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Top 5 Celebrities Who Might Be Benefiting from HGH

Top 5 Celebrities Who Might Be Benefiting from HGH

How many celebrities do you think actually do use HGH for the many benefits that they provide?Celebrities rely on their appearance, it affects their livelihood, often determines their paychecks and forces them to do things to their bodies that aren't natural, are often painful and are often bad for them. HGH isn't bad for you. It's not paneful like a face lift or bad for your body like a silly diet. HGH helps you look younger, stay fitter, and maintain a healthy lifestyle, but it doesn't have any negative side effects. It's hard to believe that some of the ageless, chiseled and sculpted heartthrobs from Hollywood aren't taking advantage of HGH.

So how many stars use HGH today? HGH isn't to be confused with steroids, it's a healthy, natural supplement that reduces the effects of aging on the body. HGH increase reproductive cell growth too, which makes the body shed fat and add on muscle. It's also less expensive than face lifts and expensive fad diets. There's no way some of the celebrities in Hollywood aren't already ON HGH. This article lists the top 5 celebrities who very well could be using HGH.

1. Brad Pitt: Besides helping Brad keep up with the rumored ravenous bedroom appetites of Angelina (which HGH also helps with), Brad is in his 40's and he still looks like he's 25 or 30 years old. And did you see him in that movie Troy? He was completely chiseled, ripped to the nines. He would have to have worked and dieted for years to look like he did in that film, and he certainly didn't look that shredded in his previous films.

2. Cher: Cher is older than most adults grandmothers, and she's still in excellent shape, better shape than she was in in the '70's before HGH was discovered and developed. She also is as pretty as ever, and has a certain glow about her that most women don't. In fact, if she hasn't used HGH and she tried it, she might revert back to infancy.

3. Sylvester Stallone: Yo' Adrian, are you kidding me. From Rocky 1 to Rocky IV to Rocky Balboa and beyond, Sylvester Stallone looks better and better and younger and younger each year. HGH has almost certainly stepped in the ring with Sly, and helped him forge an endless, successful career as one of Hollywood's top stars.

4. Demi Moore: Okay, she's over 50, has 3 kids in their teens, and wears young Ashton Kuchar on her arm at all the red carpet parties and premieres. She could be the poster child for HGH. She doesn't age, stays extremely fit and never seems to gain any weight.

5. Will Smith: Will Smith looks the same as he did back when he was the Fresh Prince of Bel Air in the 1980's, except he's in better physical shape than ever. Now either mother nature and the laws of physics don't apply to the talented actor and rapper, or there might be some HGH in his butt kicking veins.

There's no proof that any of these actors take HGH, but in the court of opinion based on what we see, it looks like most if not all of the above have to have tried HGH or have paid to have some extensive plastic surgery and work done. Since HGH provides all the same results as severe dieting, training and plastic surgery, but in a natural, healthy way, odds are HGH is the answer to many a celebrity's ageless appearance.
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