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Human Growth Hormone Supplements and TV Personalities

Okay, far too many people get on television these days that simply don't take care of themselves and their bodies. Does that set a good example to the millions of people that see these celebrities day in and day out, year after year? Of course not. Being out of shape, being overweight is unhealthy. Aging too quick not only looks bad (especially on camera) it isn't good for your health. HGH can help your body fight all of these things and more. HGH is a natural hormone that the body uses to build muscle, to eliminate fat, to fight illnesses, disease and viruses, and to even fight the aging process so you can live a longer healthier life. This article chronicles the top 10 television personalities that could benefit from the all natural, healthy use of HGH supplements.

People might think that HGH supplements are dangerous, but they're not. They provide positive benefits to the human body without side effects. The body naturally produces HGH. It's not a chemical like steroids. Anyone can benefit from HGH. You can lose ugly fat, build muscle with HGH supplements and regular exercise. You can even make yourself look younger. So can celebrities. Now let's take a look at the top 10 TV personalities who could benefit from the use of HGH and HGH supplements:

1. Barbara Walters: Let's face it, Barbara WA-WA is looking bad these days. She looks more like an evil witch cast off from The Harry Potter series than a serious tele-journalist or a talk show co-host. Frankly, she's getting scary looking. Pale, old, thin. Her fans should start worrying about her. HGH would help restore her color and make her nails and hair stronger, would help her body retain much needed calcium, and would help her fight off illness and disease. She's skinny as a rail, her anti-body system cannot be strong.

2. Chef Emeril: 'BAM!' This guy NEEDS HGH. All those fried foods. All those fatty foods. Years of working in the kitchen. They're starting to add up. The upper middle aged celebrity chef is out of shape and at this point, he's even balding. An HGH regimen (and some exercise and diet) would help Emril look younger and get back in shape in no time flat. He would shed some excess fat, pack on some muscle and grow some of that hair back, as HGH not only helps you look younger, it helps your body regenerate cell growth.

3. Homer Simpson: 'DOH!' Homer is a TV personality. And he lives on donuts and beer. 20+ years of donuts and beer have built a nice, fat spare tire around Homer's mid section. That's not good for anyone's health. With the stress of dealing with Bart, Homer's a walking heart attack waiting to happen. HGH can help homer shed that dangerous tire, and can help build his immune system and naturally reduce stress. All of these things lead to a longer, healthier life for Homer and years of more Simpson's for us.

4. Steve Berman: Who doesn't love Boomer on ESPN? He's funny, informative, comes up with all those great nicknames. Oh, and he's fat too. HGH can help Boomer lose that excess weight. Years of being on set all day long, 12 and 14 hour days of doing nothing but sitting, talking and eating have added up. Boomer is now officially unhealthy, out of shape, and middle aged. Boomer probably has no need to be ripped, which HGH can help you do, but he can stand to lose a few pounds. HGH can help him shed the fat in no time flat.

5. Pee Wee Herman: The one time kiddie show stalwart has a new cable show. The problem is, he still makes a 98 pound weakling look like Mr. Atlas. Pee Wee gives the word scrawny a bad name, and the fact is, you can be too thin for your own good. That applies to Mr. Herman. HGH supplements would help Pee Wee build much needed muscle, help him retain Calcium and generate protein, giving him a needed, healthy color. Pee Wee needs HGH in a bad way.

6. Bill Maher: The HBO host and funnyman has an excellent wit and he's verry smart. He's also a vegetarian, and though he's not that old, he looks like a vampire. He's pale. His eyes are hollow. He just simply looks prematurely aged and unhealthy, and some of that might have to do with what he's not getting from his diet. HGH will help supplement his diet, helping his body generate and retain protein and calcium, helping his body generate cell growth, and helping his wrinkles and pale countenance to fade so he looks less like Count Dracula and more like a stand up comic.

7. Regis Philbin: If anyone needs HGH, it's Regis. He's old and he looks it. Far older, in fact, than he actually is. Regis isn't in that bad of shape, but he could fight the aging process and build his anti-bodies to help fight dangerous disease, illness and sickness. At his age, that could mean the difference between life and death. HGH, as it's a natural hormone, helps the body build all important immunities that fight disease and potential illnesses. At Regis' age, he needs those extra immunities. It also wouldn't hurt if he looked 10 or 15 years younger. HGH naturally helps the body look years younger, fighting wrinkles, helping generate cell growth, even helping re-grow hair.

8. Larry King: Speaking of old and wrinkly, does anyone look older or more like sun dried leather than Larry King? Larry has been around forever, and it doesn't appear that he's going anywhere any time soon, but he is difficult to look at. And all those liver spots and all those wrinkles cannot be healthy for the man. HGH will help Larry battle back an aging process that has gotten the better of him for decades. Hard to believe, since HGH is natural and safe, that someone hasn't told Larry about the youthful properties HGH provides. Larry should have been taking HGH supplements to fight the aging process for the past 3 decades.

9. Kirstie Alley and Carie Fisher: Former actresses of Cheers and Star Wars fame, now these hefty TV personalities pitch various diets for dollars, talking about how they can't beat their weight problems and how they've battle obesity for years. Like they haven't tried other fad diets before as they ballooned to 300 or so pounds? Some new fad diet will help get the weight off and keep the weight off? Who are they kidding. HGH helps literally burns fat away AND builds muscle at the same time. Forget fad diets ladies. Try HGH and get rid of that fat for good.

10. Oprah Winfrey: The Queen of talk TV is also the Queen of unhealthy weight gain and weight loss. Which Oprah are we on now, fat Oprah or skinny Oprah? Losing weight and gaining weight repeatedly is extremely unhealthy. Th big O needst to quit dieting and binging, exercising and not exercising, she needs to try HGH and defeat her life long weight problem once and for all. Not only will she lose the weight and keep it off, she'll strengthen her body with added cell growth, protein and calcium. She'll fight the aging process without needing plastic surgery, and she'll naturally BUILD muscle where that pesky fat used to return year after year after year.
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