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Top 5 Celebrities Who Could Benefit from HGH

It's no joking matter that celebrities struggle to keep up their appearance, and that they're constantly getting facelifts, trying fad diets, the latest work outs, whatever they can do to make themselves appear younger and fitter. Many of the things celebrities do, in fact, are dangerous and are unhealthy for them, but they'll try most anything to maintain or improve appearance. The old saying goes, an actor or actress might as well retire when they reach their thirtieth birthday, because in Hollywood, after you're thirty, you might as well be dead. So stars go to great lengths to lok youthful and healthy, even to the detriment of their own health?

So why don't more stars use HGH? It is a natural supplement, and it's primary use is to reduce the effects of aging and to increase reproductive cell growth, help you lose weight and pack on muscle. The funny thing is, it's completely safe, and could help many who NEED to look younger and take dangerous steps to ensure that they do. It makes no sense that someone would take anesthesia, go under a knife, and have a potentially dangerous operation to look younger, but they won't take a simple, safe effective supplement and avoid the wear and tear on the body that a face lift causes. This article lists the top 5 celebrities who would totally benefit from HGH use.

1. Joan Rivers: Puleeez, as she might say. She's had more aesthetic operations to make herself look younger (and made more jokes about how many operations she's had) than the Yankees have World Championships. Seriously, that many operations canot be healthy, and to maintain the look, she has to continue having them. HGH would be a lot simpler and safer and she's look just as young as she does after 1 more facelift.

2. Harrison Ford: Dude is looking old and he's still doing action movies. He should take HGH for us, because if we have to see his body on a big screen, there should at least be some ripples and some muscle, not marshmallow fluff and liver spots.

3. Regis Philbin: He better start taking HGH now and he better start taking it fast because he is all of a sudden looking pretty old. Regis is a likeable guy, so it would be good to see him looking healthier and younger, and HGH would help dramatically.

4. Betty White: Who doesn't like Betty White and wouldn't want to see her look and feel as young and healthy as she possibly could? HGH would make her look and feel better like that Snicker's Bar does in the funny Snicker's Bar football commercial she's in.

5. Larry King: If HGH can make Larry look healthy and Younger, and it can, it can help ANYONE look and feel younger, happier and healthier. The problem with Larry is, you could make him look 40 years younger and he'd STILL look 90 years old.


Michael Jackson: If the King of Pop were still here, he'd be number 1, with more operations and aesthetic hi-jinks performed on him in his lifetime than Joan Rivers and Joan Collins combined, he truly could have benefited from using HGH, and might be here today if he had tried HGH instead of all that other, dangerous stuff. So, whooo-hooooo, MJ gets a wone glove salute and an honorable mention on the top 5 list of celebrities who could benefit from HGH usage.

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