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Can HGH Supplements make you taller?

We all know that the height of a person is one of the most decisive factors in establishing his or her personality. It affects social status and appearance in a big way.

It can also determine the outcome of career choices for many. For example, if you wanted to get into the armed forces and you aren’t tall enough then there ends your dream.

A lot of people in this world have yearned for those additional inches.

Now, with HGH supplements being touted as the miracle potion that has anti aging, sexual boosting, muscle boosting and hundreds of other properties, its role in increasing height is being discussed too.

But can HGH really help boost your height?

The rules of height and growth

The height of a person is a multifactorial aspect. A lot of factors like genetics, lifestyle habits, prenatal health (of the mother), proper nutrition, general health, and even emotional well-being can affect the height of a person.

Biologically, the human growth plate height (cartilage at the end of bones) has to be active on either ends for bones to be able to grow longer.

Once the growth plate height turns into bone strength, the bones stop growing longer and the height stops increasing.

Many children face stunted growth and height as a result of HGH deficiency. And HGH supplements or therapy can help them gain as much as 5 to 6 inches within a span of months.

But if you are an adult in your 30s, can HGH still help you increase your height?

The answer most probably is no. Because the cartilage changes into hard bone by the time one reaches 19 years of age and the chances that your bone cartilage might still be open are remote.

If they are open however, then HGH supplements under the right supervision of a doctor can work wonders with your height. Yes, you too can gain up to 5 inches of height with certain types of HGH supplements.

But the only way to find out if the bone cartilage is still open is to carry out X-rays on the bone.

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